Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of the Month Review.

Well I thought this may be a nice monthly addition to my blogging, just to keep things in perspective. Organization is partially the key here, and it allows me to articulate this venue for both my benefit and my following.

So let me start with the blog related business:

My first 10 blogs of this year, and using this new venue. All I can say is that things are going better than I could have ever hoped for. I've managed to stay on schedule, which is an achievement for me, and produce 10 blogs this month. This is the magic number I'll be aiming for every month from now on.

I've posted on a wide range of topics, everything from support for the Haitian earthquake to Anthropomorphism. I really like this unusual diversity, because it is a quite honest reflection on how my mind is articulated. That being a jumbled mess of rough quixotic imaginative jargon.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of those who read, comment, and follow my blogs. I'll play particular attention to those who comment, because even if I disagree with the opinions I value your input and addition to the discussion. All posts are arranged in a fashion which allows commentary and discussion. I honestly enjoy peoples opinions and what they have to bring to the topic at hand.

So I'll mention again that commentary is encouraged, and they do not have to be limited to the topic. Suggestions can also be made of other topics which you think I can offer a perspective on. Which would be nice fuel for this blog fire.

I'm currently tinkering with the blog format itself, if you've noticed I added a share button. If one feels compelled enough to share this blog with others, by all means do it. I put it there for that reason. I rearranged some stuff as well, but I'm thinking I may need to improve upon some stuff. Any ideas?

I'd like to finish up this blog portion of this monthly review to make take special note to two blogger which I follow. These two have left me some great comments on my blog and have given me lots of inspiration to work with. I enjoy both their blogs as well so I thought I may showcase them. In no particular order:

Kelly and his Psycho Carnival! Amusing, Crazy, and Oddly Insightful!

Samaskin of "samaskinquestions" Unique Perspectives, Deep Thoughts, and some Truth!

Now for my personal touch:

Besides the blog, this month for me has been rather hectic. The largest time consumer and exhausting portion has had to be the beginning of the second semester of school. I've only been back three weeks, and I already feel as if I'm way behind. I'm hoping things will pick up.

Other than school and the work which comes with it I've successfully managed to do little of anything else. I suppose this does make up for my adventuring during my holiday break. If it wasn't for the sporadic weather across my province not meshing well with my day to day class schedule I would have had gotten a lot of rock hounding in. Unfortunately the snow had fell, and it will be sticking around this time. So I wait for Spring.

One of the most interesting things about this month was being able to do some star gazing and get out to see Mars it its closest point for the next few years. It was quite stunning, and although I'm not much for astrology at that moment I wish I were. I would have loved to have the proper gear to fully appreciate it, but even from the naked eye it was a spectacular sight.

Well I believe I successfully put my following asleep by this point, so I'll finish.

Thanks for sticking around with me this long.

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Kelly said...

Hey dude, thanks mucho for the link dropping for my blog. Sounds kind of like bird dropping(s)... or something. Heh heh.

Anyhooo... I like your blog. You've shown that you do, indeed, have unique and/or interesting perspectives on a variety of subjects. There are some who dig that eclectic mix. I tend to jive with people like that, I think, the most because I'm interested in so many different things.

Bottom line: Keep up the good work! --Damn, I hated using that overused cliche! :)