Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Introduction of Sorts.

Well I suppose I owe my readers an introduction, and background about myself and what I am all about. Firstly, I will admit that this is my second attempt at such a blog medium. However, I had never tried this website and instead used one of the sparsely populated venues to portray myself upon. Although I had no problem with this site, my following both known and unknown dramatically fell over time. I prefer having an active set of followers to ask questions, give input, and challenge my posts.

Now that I am here I suppose some background information will be applicable at this time. I am currently finishing up an undergrad of Anthropology and Biology, with the expectations to move forward into a Paleoanthropological field. I am a strong advocate of Science and Rational thinking, and an even stronger advocate of Evolution. My main interests in Paleoanthropology revolve around Pre-Homo sapien fossils and the Ancient Evolutionary linage which lead to modern humans.

You'll note that I will frequently speak about evolution, defend the theory with science, and discredit non-scientific evidence. I will do this against all unscientific notions and pseudosciences. Although I will humor some more than others, based on anthropological or sociological inferences I notice.

There isn't much more I suppose you should know about me but because it will be relevant in my postings I will tell you I am an Atheist. Of course you probably could have guessed as much, and you'll note that I really have no use for religion in the least. I'm sure this will come up again so I'll save it for that time.

Now, onward to posts of more relevance and substance.

I ask all readers, followers, and passersby to continually comment with topics or questions I can research and comment on, or items related to the subject matter of any of my individual blogs. I enjoy building rapport with my readers, and it also will serve to keep me with much to write about.


Dark Slander said...

Test comment.

Caitlin_Ann said...

Quite fascinating! I am incredibly interested in the same things you are and am planning on possibly developing a career around it.

I am wondering what you think of the Clovis peoples possible connections to Europe and a possible transatlantic trip earlier than the bering strait travelers?