Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics. (I have returned)

I apologize for my recent absence, I have exams this week, and I had many lose ends to finish up with my classes. I wanted to blog quite badly at times but I had to be disciplined and finish up what had to be done for the sake my my future. I'd rather not bomb out, and lose all that time and money invested.

So let me get on with a blog topic:

The Olympics! anyone else think they are rather dull? I've been watching off and on briefly and I just don't get the same feelings I used to when I watched them. In the past they invoked such strong Nationalistic tendencies in me it was MY country which was up against the world. However, you don't get that same sense country from these recent games.

What happened to the battle of superiority? It seems we've become so buddy buddy with the other countries that we've lost all sense of competition and its raw energetic state. Canada, the friendly country, how I despise that label. However it seems to manifest some truth.

I think Canada should take a few lessons from our big brother the USA. Maybe not politically or socially, but a lesson in pride. Even when you look at world statistics the USA isn't number 1... but if you ask an American, they are number one.

I don't see this as ignorant, as some do. I see this as a sense of cultural pride which has been lost within most first world countries. It has been masked by an age where one is afraid to step on the toes of an "other". I'm very proud of my country, for many reasons some would not expect but this pride is not a cultural norm.

I'm waiting for Olympic Hockey... I hope this will be the key to having millions of Canadians shouting at their television sets and cussing out the other countries. It happens every week anyway in the NHL, so I suppose the Olympic level will create a similar phenomena.

So a message to all countries of the world. Lets see some pride, some trash talking, and some actual competition! Be sore losers! Be poor winners! and throw down those gloves and have at it!


Kelly said...

You're Canadian? I didn't know that.

Anyway, yeah, the Winter Olympics have been dull this year -even with all the injuries and other calamities that have happened during it.

Glad you could make time to post again.

Dark Slander said...

I'll be in full swing again very soon. I have a few blog topics ready to be unleashed, but I'm sticking to one per day. :)

Fossil Detective said...

I am hoping to see two hockey matchups in this Olympics. In men's hockey, Canada vs Russia and in women's Canada vs USA.

Both of those games should make these Winter Olympics much more exciting.

Dark Slander said...

Fossil Detective:

Those are my hopeful match ups as well. I'm hoping it will ignite the competitive spirit of the Olympics and make for a nice "Showdown".