Monday, February 22, 2010


Life is made up of countless moments, each of these are individually given their own spin and take by those who experience it. No matter how many who share these experiences interpret them exactly in the same matter, regardless of what they may tell themselves.

To be subjectively individual is one of the many things which make each human being precisely unique from the other. Although even the most unique of people tend to conform to certain cultural ideals, sometimes easily lead there willingly and other times suppressing themselves to harmonize their own idea of reality.

It is a curious concept which has perplexed many great minds, and it stirs even greater questions. Even with much time and effort put into these gargantuan concepts these is absolutely no means of forging a true answer. With good reason.

Throughout my life I have always been quite different from my peers, something of a man who follows the beat of his own drum. I forcefully tried to find peace in conforming many times throughout my years, but it was never to my taste. I could never allow myself to be hollow for very long. Eventually I began to stop pursuing what I am not.

Is happiness or contentment with oneself worth willingly submitting to a comformality of which you do not internally associate with? My answer, absolutely not. However, many tend to disagree and would rather be subjected to a false manifestation of themselves than deal with the core. This intrigues me.

Our population is littered with a barnyard all masquerading themselves as sheep. Some of these sheep do so with purpose and tact for gains which can only be speculated upon, others do this because they are unable to come to terms with their individuality. Each case of this elaborate masking is as individual as the person who is concealing behind it. In most cases, these are even completely rationalized.

Causation and motive are very unclear in these cases, and I feel far too many take up arms against comformality without these considerations. They fight a fruitless battle which equally has no clear greater good. Such is the world as our subjective minds can handle it.

Interesting to contemplate.


Dark Slander said...


I've been having trouble with the comments, just adjusted the settings hoping it worked.

Kelly said...

There are more conformists in this world than there are people (such as myself) who think for themselves and act according to THEIR OWN beliefs, disregarding society's forced upon rules of do's and don'ts.

You wrote a great post with thought-provoking good points.

Mr. Stupid said...

Nicely written post. You were right about how people can tend to certain cultural ideals unwillingly or are forced to.
People should live their lives without considering the society. That can be bad sometimes though!

Have a wonderful day!


Indeed. I call the commoners.