Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Updates: Life, Adventure, and Anticipation.

I know that some of my following absolutely despise when I post about my real life rather than writing at length about some social, or abstract concept. However, this is my blog and it is primarily an embodiment of me. So hold on, take a breathe, and if you really must stop following me.

My hectic school life is coming to an end until the fall. This is good because I'll be able to focus more time on blogging and getting myself out into situations where I can make some worth while observations.

To celebrate my finishing up of the school year I'm off to the Capital city of my province for some rest and relaxation. I'll be staying with two of my best friends who now live up there, and will be going a Billy Talent concert. Most Americans aren't familiar with the band because they only ever released one album down there I believe. I can assure you though they are excellent, and quite different if you wish to hear them out.

After this short trip within my own province I will return home only to pack again and head to the United States for a number of weeks. This will be to spend some much anticipated time with family, and get off of this rock I call home. I expect to do many activities such as fossil hunting, caving, hikes, visiting historical sites, and even a trip to the creationist museum is in the works. If I don't get kicked out.

This trip should snap my brain back on track with this blogging business and allow me to post about a broad spectrum of concepts and observations. Stay tuned folks.


I forgot to mention, I made a twitter a long time ago but decided to start using it. So feel free to add DarkSlander and get updates of my adventures, day to day life, and blog updates. :)


Kelly said...

The creationist museum, caves, hiking trails you are referring to sound like they belong to my neighboring state -Kentucky. Very close, in fact, is the creationist museum. I've heard it is hysterical... chock full of kids painting and cheesey dinosaur and cavemen with bibles and shit.

Hmmm. Gives me an idea. :) I'll tell you later at Blog Catalog.

Anyway, back from the dead, myself, I'm glad to hear your "fun" times at college may be coming to an end until the start up again. My friends had a party college so they never complained much. They were an artistic, crazy bunch of f*cked up bastards. Damn, I miss those days. My body doesn't, though. :)

Looking forward to your future posts, man. I'll check out Billy Talent.

Dark Slander said...

Thanks Kell, and its good to see you back commenting. I was beginning to feel lonely. Not a lot of people comment or even read any more. I think you stole all my followers..

Unfortunately for me I got partying out of my system way before I made it to university. High school to me as a clouded drunken haze. Now I don't drink any more.

The problem with going to school to be a party animal is I don't have the money to waste on that. My school is expensive, and I don't qualify for loans. So I work to support my education. Most of the party kids at my school end up dropping out with 30k or more in loan debt... that sounds awfully scary to me.

Kelly said...

Yes, that would suck tremendously being that much in debt. And don't worry, I'm a faithful follower... just like one of the apostles, a disciple of your buddy, Jesus.

I farted.