Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Obama is...."

Well this is part one of my series on the tea party while I'm here in the USA. I've mainly been listening to radical conservatives while staying in the US. I've been hearing a lot about the President so I thought I would share my list of my interchangeable words put into association with the president.

Trust me I'm also going to do a segment on bumper stickers, flags, and everything else I find reasonable enough to mention..

So here it is, the list:

Obama is....

an anarchist
a Muslim
a douche
an immigrant
a liar
a socialist
a commie bastard
an idiot
a Kenyan
a nigger
a fraud
a blight
a curse
the devil
ruining America
destroying freedom
destroying America
the anti-Christ

I could go on and on but those are just a selection of my favorite. I've heard very little positive said about him while I've been here. It has only come from one person besides myself. I'll keep in mind from my observations I'm not a huge Obama supporter or anything and I can find criticism, but I can't allow myself to believe the fallacy being spread about him. I find him mediocre as a president, not the baby eating monster he's being portrayed as here where I am staying.

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Kelly said...

HaHaHa! I find the statements you made were true, funny and a sad commentary on the way half the people in this country think here. Yeah, the Republicans do spout off loads of lies about Obama- in every way possible. Bumper stickers, political programs on TV and so on. This political party has never been so extreme before in their rhetoric. It can be seen everywhere and it is ridiculous.