Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trust In Me.

My following,

I have not perished under the weight of my own ego, or perhaps some horrific accident which rendered me with a strange condition that causes my fingers to melt every time they touch a keyboard. Unfortunately though due to many circumstances I have been unable to get here to post. (Until NOW!)

For those who are squeamish, note that a summary will follow this very sentence:

I had full intentions of continuing my blog normally after I had gotten home from my trip down yonder. I actually arrived home wanting to post about the loss a dear companion of mine, but was dismayed to find that I was unable to access my account. I assume that it was pending review due to my lovely drawing of Mr. Mo.

Yes, apparently I've offended someone and they (in all their wisdom) did what they needed to and tattled. It was only a matter of time, my beloved Blog Catalog was full of posters giving tutorials on how to actively report blogs which featured photos of Mr. Mo. Given my presence on Blog Catalog at that point it was only a matter of time until I was targeted as a hate mongering anti-Islamic.

Just for all those at home who don't know though, I'll spell this out very clearly. I'm Anti-Religious, so to be fair I'm better than you. I hate all of them equally.

This was an act of freedom of speech, and somehow that lesson was missed because for a time I was silenced. However, I am definitely back and quite ready to dish out my usual content.

Other than that, the only other thing keeping me from blogging since my account has been reactivated is work. I'm not talking your regular Nine to Five. Think more around the lines of Six or Seven to Nine or Ten. Crazy hours, well for me at least. I know many Americans are drooling at the prospect of that many hours, but here in Canada we're crying for workers! Because of this worker shortage... well decent worker shortage many companies are just being bombarded by a blitzkrieg of jobs with not enough man power to pull them off. This is where the beast of extreme overtime is born.

I'm actually quite happy to be working though, the extra money is not unappreciated nor will it be squandered on the petty. After all more important matters have been taken care of I'll be looking into having my own website with domain name. Although I'm blatantly ignorant on where to start, so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share.

I appologize for those who were regular readers, I actually had a few of you and I feel as if I have let you down. So please trust in me that my regular blogging content will continue henceforth. Starting Monday I'll be doing my absolute best to produce at least 3 blogs a week. All of with will touch on my usual topics, and perhaps a personal anecdote here and there.

Gland to be back.

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Kelly said...

Hi there, guy. Like I said on the BC shoutbox, I'm really surprised it was all taken that far. And good lordy almighty... Those are some fuckin' hardcore hours you're putting in. I'm not envious of that at all. Maybe Americans without jobs should go up to where you're at, get a job and help alleviate some of your extreme overtime problem before all of you work yourselves to death. Damn!

As for having a website with your own domain name, I can't help you with that yet. I plan on doing the same after my wife and I take this cruise we're going on this summer. Currently, we're putting every possible dime into that trip and everything, and I do mean everything, is taking a back seat (money-wise) until our cruise to the Caribbeans is over with. Until then, we're just getting by.

Sorry to hear about your friend passing away.

I'm glad to see you're posting again. I had almost given up on you, but, as you can see on my website, I didn't, because you're still on my blogroll. I hope you're able to post 3 times a week here. That seems like a towering goal considering the amount of working hours you're putting in. I wish you luck and strength. And I look forward to reading more of whatever you have to offer, man.

Take care, Kelly