Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've recently been struck down by fandom, not in the unhealthy sense of stalking and idle worship, but a characterization of utter fascination and  an inward wanting to model my own self after a person. I suppose its a necessary human emotional response to want to look up to someone else, or model yourself after someone for a particular set of traits. However, this process is quite foreign to me and I'm not quite sure how to react.

This strange new hero of mine isn't new, I've looked up to this individual since discovering his work a few years back, but only now has this fascination changed from looking up to a role model to accusing this particular individual to be a genius. I believe this is still in a healthy state, I don't adore every bit of this persons work, and I'm sure if we met we would argue and differ in opinion a lot but I am still inclined to believe that this person for what he inspires, evokes, and teaches is quite possibly an immortal historical figure in the making. I find it a but odd that I find myself absolutely swooning in affection for this man, and at one point before I understood this sort of behaviour better thought I may be bisexual and attracted to him.

Strange, no? It turned out to be that I'm so astounded on him at an intellectual level that I feel an odd mixture of emotions. I consider this the same reason some men find George Clooney so great to the point of attraction, but the attraction isn't sexual. From what I know about the man I adore in this way, is that he's such a "darling" from his country that he's literally considered a national treasure... and I couldn't agree more.

So who is this individual who has captured my mind... well it couldn't be any one other than Stephen Fry! You know Toast of Europe, Comedian, Author, Atheist, Intellectual, Tech Guru, and over all extremely awesome dude. Need I say more, those of you who have been influenced in anyway what so every by this man will quickly realist why I admire him so much.  I discovered him a few years ago his debate in conjunction with Christopher Hitchens against The Catholic Church as a force for good in humanity. These videos were posted online, and are still readily accessible. I was a big fan of Hitchens but never really heard of Fry. I immediately thought Fry was a prof or some sort of known Atheist icon, and I began to look for more lectures.

These lectures lead me to find many of Fry's videos about Atheism, Technology, and Life the Universe and Everything... The spectrum of his knowledge was boundless and he seemed to have his hand in everything. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I discovered that he was such a English icon for his Comedy, which I think is hilarious by the way. I came across some of his books, and actually didn't care for them but then I found his biography(s now) and they immediately made my admiration grow exponentially. His story is such a unique, and interesting one, that I would recommend it to anyone.

I to this day constantly search out content online of his lectures, and interviews of Fry to get both my fix and to learn new information and introduce myself to new ways of thinking,. He's such a great entertainer, teacher, and intellectual that I felt it was only proper that I inform all my minions of his greatness!

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For myself, I must say, I prefer Hitchens as my favorite writer on such subjects. I will pursue some of Fry's works and check them out against my own prejudices. My best.