Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bloggers Unite: Haiti Earthquake

I was asked if I would write a small piece about the devastation in Haiti after a recent earthquake. Unfortunately I only heard bits and snippets of information from my local news, but through independent research I learned of the absolute horrific state which Haiti is now consumed in.

The death toll is currently estimated at 100,000 people; unfortunately I do assume that there will be much death to follow in the aftermath. These deaths will undoubtedly be caused by issues like: lack of medical care workers, lack of medical supplies, lack of clean drinking water, and the potential hazard of disease to spike up in the wake of the devastation.

This is an event which affects all of us, Haitians we not the only people do die from this earthquake; this was a popular vacation spot for all peoples of the world. Humanity is a collective of all peoples and cultures, may this event unify us from our petty conflicts and allow us to honor our fellow Human beings with support of donations and a reminder of remembrance for their tragic end.

A favorite YouTuber of mine posted a video in support of the Haitian people. It also offers links in the side bar, which I will post below as well, that showcase some of the many charities people can donate too. These charities are all legitimate, and were well researched I can assure you. Please if you feel compelled to help, donate.

The MSF/Doctors without Borders (Mirror):

I will close with this final message. My fellow human beings, there are those around the world who suffer with you. Your cries for help will not go unanswered, and the world cries with you.

You can donate to:

For Canada;

For the USA;

For the UK;

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Caitlin_Ann said...

I love you. I'm so glad you cared enough to post this. You amaze and surprise me more and more every day.