Monday, January 18, 2010

Child Free? Who Cares!

For those of you who don't know what my title is alluding to, Child Free is a so called movement which is trying to become something of a half inflated subculture. The movement is made up of mostly women or the 1st world who feel the need to be loud and proud about their personal choice of not wanting children.

Hooray to your exercising your rights, even though some how women have managed to do this in the first world for years without having to make a social club out of it. Shouting it from roof tops to me seems like a waste of effort, and a means of labeling oneself even further.

For example, these people identify themselves through social cultures rather than who they are personally, let me show you:

"I am a feminist, agnostic, child free, photographer, vegan, ultra liberal, who fights for equality, abstinence, and eats marshmallows on toast."

The above is a very loose interpretation of some of these people, I changed some of the usual adjectives so I wouldn't stereotype a particular group. The point is where in my culture did it become necessary to identify yourself through your social groups/followings?

I've never once met a person from my island culture who felt the need to advertise that they have children, if asked they respond, but beyond that you'd never know. The same is typical for the average person who decided to not have kids, they don't even give reasoning for it other than they just didn't want to.

Perhaps this is a culture difference and this movement makes sense in other parts of the world, for various reasons. However, in my immediate region, or even in my country I feel like this movement or being proud to being child free is redundant. I see nothing in my culture which pressures women to have children, even in high school I had a class where they told women if you don't want children don't have them.

Society, and its need to form groups for arbitrary reasons will never make sense tome.


Kelly said...

Gosh, these women are a loud and proud group, aye? People, who also are on the Invisible Personality List would be those who identify themselves only by what their occupation is or how much money they make.

Society, as a whole, is ridiculous

Dark Slander said...

Ridiculous and semi-interesting. I've decided to put my anthropology hat on and do some more research of this label identity phenomena. It is an irritating issue which I would love to understand better to get a grip on my bias.

I don't have to like it, but understanding may be what is in order.

Thanks for commenting.

samaskin said...

What I find even more annoiyign is the people that don't have kids because they couldn't get a girlfriend or whatever and take it out on everyone who does (horrendous assumption I know but nevertheless). Just read a story about people complaining that children that cry on planes should have to have an extra fee paid to make up for it! To what purpose!?!?! Why can't people just be happy with their positio in life, or be active in changing it if they are jealous, which is often half the problem.

Dark Slander said...

I never even thought about that, I should have added that. Great point! I've run into these types quite frequently, and all I can say is that they are on par with the people of this social group.