Sunday, February 28, 2010

February: What a Finish.

February is usually a most detestable month. Between the weather and the ongoing tension from everyone it is usually unfriendly and quite hard to deal with. Within this mess of ill-temperament and inhospitable there is little to look forward to other than the oncoming Spring and Summer. This is the yearly norm, and the beginning of this year's February was not exception to the general rule.

The Olympics were beyond a contributor to the over all theme of the dreary February blues in the beginning of the month. With a poor opening ceremony, accidents, fatalities, and a very slow Canadian climb to the podium my country was in a very poor state of disarray.

I recently wrote a blog about the state of Canada in the Olympics, and the apathetic mood generated from it. With little pride, and little sense of proper competition this Canadian Olympics was determined to be one of the worst ever. Or so we thought...

It all started with the first Gold medal secured by Canada. This was the act to shake the country out of its winter depression. The whole country erupted with the first and this only increased with substantial magnitude as the Gold count was risen.

Suddenly the country was drunk on pride, and not just for Hockey. In fact when out men's hockey team lost to the US, if we were in any less of a state of pride our country would have hit rock bottom. With that said it was a blow which our pride barely recovered.

This month I seen a country on the brink of despair, and lack of any sort of sense of unity, simply explode with joy and a true sense of patriotism which I have never experienced in my life time. It unlocked a fire which has been laying hidden within the people of Canada for a life time it seems.

Tonight I watched the final, and what many would argue to be the main Olympic event of 2010. The rematch for the gold, Canada vs USA. Against statistical odds, our boys pulled through with yet another Gold medal, in the event which held the most sway on the moods of all of my fellow Canadians.

The streets of cities all over Canada are now filled with people in ravenous celebration, and it is truly well deserved. I wish I was near a large city because I'd be with them, however my spirit stands amongst them and a beacon of pride stands true.

This is a monumental victory for a Country which truly needed a sense of ongoing self and even a little vanity. I'm happy that the Olympics ended thunderously, and on such a grand scale. With this said, I take back the negative connotations I displayed in my previous post. I hold a far greater respect for my Country and the symbolical meanings the Olympics inspires.


Fossil Detective said...

Congratulations to Canada on winning the most gold medals and being such a good host to the Winter Olympics.

Nice job by both Canadian hockey teams on achieving gold.

Kelly said...

That's great that your country has been rejuvenated by winning the gold in hockey. A real pride boost! I haven't been keeping up with the Olympics too much. I had no idea Canadians were feeling that way before.

I know too well your meaning of the winter blues. Almost every day, the sky is bleak without the appearance of the sun. It has been affecting my own mood in a very negative way. That, and other things, have been dragging me backwards in my slow recovery from Major Depression.

Anyway, great post, my friend. Glad things are getting cheerful again in your part of the world.

Dark Slander said...

Fossil Detective: Thanks!!! We're very proud of our Ladies and Men. I was incredibly impressed by the women's team this year. Its a shame about the negative news they got after they won... I sense a lot of jealousy there.

Kelly: Sounds like you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder my friend, I have a touch of it. It defiantly isn't something which helps with depression. You may want to look into it.

As for Canadians... we're a type of people who are proud but just barely. It is rare to see my country men jubilantly gathering in the streets in celebration.

Thanks for the comments folks.

klahanie said...

I wish I had been back home in Vancouver. I watched the wonderful events that transpired and felt like I was back home in mind and spirit.
I sat in my home in England and yelled with delight when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal. I had some explaining to do to my English neighbours.
Take very good care eh.
With respect, Gary