Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cultural Mulligan.

The idea of a "Cultural Mulligan" is a theme I often see reoccurring in society, and I find it a very interesting phenomena. What I would consider to be a cultural or even social "Mulligan" is when an individual reinvents the way in which they want to be perceived by the outside world. It tends to vary with the movement of popular trends, and cater to the idea of one wanting to achieve a social norm and a collective.

Occasionally though people decide to pull a mulligan on their life without the ulterior motive of being socially accepted and do it for the sake of their well being or just because they were uncomfortable with what they were. You often see this type of scenario in movie plots, usually something along the lines of an popular figure breaking away from social trends to presume some greater good. A typical leopard changing spots type of ideal.

However typically at least in my experience these changes from one persona to another and perceived very negatively, especially when one walks away from a conforming group identity. They are often they are faced with much ridicule by attempting to join a new group, usually more so by the old group they are breaking ties with but on occasion the new group will also cast doubt on the person.

Typically in my experience when one attempts to leave a majority to a minority they tend to face opposition from both sides, but if a minority joins a majority they are usually accepted with open arms. Note that this can been seen very clearly when using religious interactions between minorities and majorities.

Personally I find this an oppressive cultural reaction, and although movies and media make it seem like it is an acceptable idea, the reality is culturally seen as unacceptable and tends to be a very difficult transition for those making a switch. In some cases some groups are more open than others, but generally a person is faced with derisory from at least one side of the equation.

I believe that people should be given the benefit of the doubt, and allowed to have a mulligan or two to prioritize their life. Sure, there will be those who abuse it and change their spots so much that no legitimate group will accept them as their own but why forsake a few with malicious doubt and a lack of support when some are in an actual need for transition.


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

t is an oppressive cultural reaction. Since I've been a victim of that all of my life, I empathize with those who are/will be a victim of that, themselves. As a social observer, as well, I have seen this type of closed minded thinking put into action by a variety of bland, idiotic morons against TRUE INDIVIDUALS. I capitalize for emphasis, and also, because it made me hard. :-). Look, I gave you an emoticon just in case you didn't know I was joking.

All unfunny joking aside, what I mean by "true individuals" are people that will be more revealing of what they're truly like than what society expects them to be.

Dark Slander said...

I believe in individualism, and I believe there are times for collectivism. For issues of faith or something which I feel concerns only the participant alone I feel that others should have no say. People change a lot, and it should be expected and accepted rather than used as a tool for ridicule.