Friday, March 19, 2010

Slander? The Truth Hurts.

One thing about slander which seems to be easily forgotten is the beauty of the term. People cannot cry out about slander if what is being said is actually true. I see a reoccurring theme especially among Christians who are appalled by anything said against their religion.

I can see honesty find some merit in defending ones beliefs, even if personally I feel those beliefs are deserving of the most intense forms of ridicule there is to offer. It is human to defend what you subjectively feel is right. Unfortunately the key words when talking about religious belief is "subjective reality". This is another topic entirely so I'll get back on track...

There are hundreds of blogs which point out the historically poor track record of Christianity, and the response from Christian readers is usually quite foul and often leads to trolling, ridicule and intense denial. With this comes very turbulent reactions, some of which could be said to be very unchristian like.

It stands to reason that one can't pick and choose what they wish to believe about the history of their organization. Christianity has a poor track record for doing this, but individuals of the religious belief tend to be even worse. To deny historical facts because they do not mesh with your opinion of your faith and only s focused scope of reality.

The blogging sphere is a venue of free speech, many people spew fallacy and fictions and others like me give you insight from my perspective of things. Some even dare to speak the truth to an audience who doesn't wish to hear it, this is especially true about blogs against religion.

Something to think about.

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Kelly said...

You shouldn't push any religion down someone's throat. I agree with what you say. And personally, I do believe in a higher power but I don't go crazy about it. I don't go to church and haven't for years. ha ha ha. Hey, wanna see a real circus? Check out a faith-healing, speaking-in-tongues, Southern Baptist kind of church... That was a hoot. They put on quite a show. I wished I had popcorn with all the theatrics being displayed.

I went there because my girlfriend went there -because of her parents wishes. I picked her up there at her parent's place, at six in the morning every Sunday on her request, but did so, in the hopes of getting a piece of ass. Unfortunately, all it got me was some french kissing and titty squeezins. ha hahaha

Always the Gentleman,