Monday, March 22, 2010

An Unarticulated Mind.

I begin this blog knowing not where it will end up. My mind has been recently been taken over by a distracting ambiance. It has been problematic from a blogging perspective, but I trust that I shall not remain in this stupor for much longer. Such things tend to dissipate with time.

My mind has been readily filled with my studies in Anthropology, and assignments based on these studies. I'm currently undertaking an essay about the social effects of Darwinism, and Evolution on North American culture. This is not an easy undertaking to put fourth in 10 pages or so.

My thoughts have also been very preoccupied with many themes and ideas. So many that I would love to blog about, but I just can't articulate these ideas fully yet. Much time needs to be spent on these in order to manifest them here on my venue in a way which will free them from my mind properly.

So many topics are laying waste to my usually linear way of thinking, and I'm becoming increasingly inattentive to more pressing matters. It is like living in a day dream.

I often find myself thinking about important people, or those I feel their work has influenced me in some way. Great thinkers, inventors, advocates, and artists.

Other times I find myself thinking about fiction, actually in particular I found myself watching a number of Sci fi films and realizing that I really like that genre. I even thought about it deeper and decided which aliens I preferred over others. It amused me, and for that I feel it was productive in a way.

I have so much flowing right now, with little to no focus allowing me to articulate them on the page. Eventually.


Kelly said...

I see what you're saying. Real life has intruded on my little part of the blogosphere, which is bad, since my blog became more of an outlet for my thoughts since I quit seeing my therapist two months ago. A decision I made because I thought I was completely "out of the woods" with my depression and also... the added medical bill was creating substantial hardship for us. Now, I'm not so sure that was a good idea now. It would be nice if I had a supportive family. Oh well.

Your studies and assignments seem to be doing battle with the distractions your mind is partially attracted to. Maybe it is due to you working so hard in these studies and assignments. When you say "It is like living in a day dream", I can relate to that feeling. In more ways than one.

Take care

Dark Slander said...

Thanks Kelly, just remember I really enjoy our conversations so if you ever need a pick me up chat just send a message. I'm quite the conversationalist when I want to be.

We Blog buddies have to stick together.

Kelly said...

Thanks, man. The friends I have around here are not helpful. In fact, they drag you down. The friends I have in Indianapolis, nearly a hundred miles away... are pretty much in their own little worlds.

There are some Blog Pals out there who seem irritated if you ramble on them about your personal problems. So I don't do it that much. As for myself, I try to help when they talk about their problems to me. I've been told I'm a good listener. Ha ha.

Thanks for reading this rambling. :-)

Dark Slander said...

I know how that is all too well, for both the moronic friends who don't understand aspects of you right down to the depression.

You'll never have to worry too much about me leaving over your blogs. I actually lost some followers today from this blog.

klahanie said...

I hope you are aware that I have been leaving comments on your blog.
I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying how you are verbalising your thoughts via, what I consider to be, a positive and cathartic resource.
It's good to know that you have all these thoughts, these inspirations flowing in your mind. When you are ready, no doubt, you will convey a well thought out and meaningful articulation on these thoughts.
Like our good friend, Kelly, notes that transparency is powerful and you have my full support.
I look forward to further interaction.
With respect and kindness, Gary

Dark Slander said...

Cheers to you Gary, your support is well noted and received. I've noted your comments, and apologize if I had forgotten to reply. This is not normally the case.

I thank you for your good will and kind words. They do me much honor.

Snake Eyes said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been in a funk of sorts myself latley, trying to figure out if my blog and website are even worth the countless hours i've invested into it, and having a hard time getting my thoughts toghether like I normally can. Usually when I can't think straight I hit the gym and shoot some zombies, but even that dosen't seem to help me focus. I wish I had a "magic formula" of advice I could give you to help clear your mind. Unfortuantly I don't becuase of my own demons and problems, all I can suggest is take it one day at a time and just keep fighting, eventually, hopefully things become clear and you'll have that "A-ha" moment when it all falls into place.

Snake Eyes said...
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