Monday, April 5, 2010

Jesus is a Zombie.

When a person is killed, dies or otherwise and comes back from the dead by any means they are a zombie, these are the rules. Apparently though most Christians missed the memo and become enraged with religious fury over the thought of their savior being a brain eating zombie. Fortunately I come with a nice alternative to this situation, it is quite simple. Jesus isn't a zombie because he's a work of fiction, or the stories which are miraculous nature are over the top fabrications of what a man not demigod can accomplish. But no one listens to me any more.

Zombie Jesus was the topic of much discussion for me last night. A confrontation between two very important members of my inner circle. Their only connection at all is through me, in fact they have never met besides online. One is a practicably Pagan "Green Witch", the other is a Fundamentalist Christian. Personally I think they are both a few bricks short of a load, which doesn't mean that I don't like them it just means my atheistic mentality doesn't jive well with their individual forms of spirituality.

The offending altercation came in the form of a joke about Zombie Jesus, a creepy picture posted on the Pagan's facebook page, which lead to the Christian friend asking for it to be taken down. Misinterpretation of the way in which it was asked lead to a prompt response of basically, "I'll do what I want on my page." this was replied with some comments about why it offends Christians etc.

Eventually when I had time I stepped in to mediate the situation. I thought it was ridiculous that it went that far to begin with but I talked to both and tried to smooth things over as best as possible. The course of action to be taken in the end was the Christian friend defriending the Pagan, this way even though there was no hard feelings he did not have to be subjected to what he thinks is offensive material. Fair enough.

A ridiculous situation which should have never of occurred. Not because the picture should have never been posted, but because those offended should have simply ignored it. Its like my page here, I've faced some ridicule in the past for doing some thumping of religious folks I was hounded for a little bit on a blogging forum just for calling out some bullshit on those who decide they are going to ignore the past and present misdeeds of their religion as a whole. In that situation after they harassed me I followed them with increased opposition, and eventually they left me alone.

The situation between those in my inner circle was actually a fairly causal example of what happens with pushing a belief. Sure it may have been an innocent gesture of asking, but that innocent gesture becomes something grotesque once you get religious people in groups. Asking quickly becomes protesting, and protesting quickly becomes force. Such is the way of Christianity and other religions of this sort. Even if origional intentions were pure, or held no ill intent.

Group mentality spawns censorship and oppressing views, when you organize it you call it religion.

With my up coming trip to the US I'll be staying with a family chopped full of more fundamentalist radical Christian types. Their ignorance also ascends religious interpretation and be taints other ideas like politics and the like. Typical Sarah Palin types. You can expect some interesting human observations being posted in my blog. I also may be having a little fun and visiting the Creationist Museum, I'm going to attempt to not get kicked out. I need lots of pictures! :)


Snake Eyes said...

I totally agree I think a lot of it is complete bullshit. I also love how the Christians are so quick to jump on the bashing bandwagon but cry foul when someone is offended by crap they post. As for the radical Christian types what can I say they crack me up with their stupidity..........however I'm going to stay as far from them as possible if the apocalypse comes, those bastards would burn me at the stake

Kelly said...

Holy offense to Zombie Jesus or anything... I'm late in commenting. I feel like the Mad Hatter. Wait a minute... I could be the Mad Hatter and not even know it. Hmmm. Anyway, the truth of the matter is... People must NOT PUSH their religious views on anyone. The f*ckers who do this are not only wrong because they cause oppression and a block on free speech but they are annoying as hell, too... No offense to Mr. Satan.

Thank you and good day.

Anonymous said...

Ok darling, you know me and my beliefs, but just reading the Zombie Jesus phrase and then how you stated the definition of Zombie, well it just cracked me up because it you wanna get technical it's true, he came back from the dead.