Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny, Sort Of...: Palaeolagus

Below you is my fossil friend Palaeolagus, it is a purchase from a dealer I know through fossil hobbyist websites I frequent. It comes from the famous White River Formation of Wyoming and approximately 34 million to 23 million years old (Oligocene epoch).

My intentions were to buy up Peter Cotton tail here and disarticulate him from the matrix but once I could view the specimen with the naked eye it was far too brittle to attempt.

I think he's smiling.

Something a little different to post, later I'll be posting about a confrontation I was in the middle of last night between two significant people. Evangelical Christian meets Pagan Free Spirit over Zombie Jesus. Trust me its more of a headache than it sounds...

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Kelly said...

Fascinating pictures, I'll admit... not to mention the short article about them. Yes, I think he/she is smiling. Does this mean I will not be receiving an Easter basket full of candy from him (or her)? Can I give him a carrot?