Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Responsibility.

Well although I understand it is April fools day, this is not a joke by any means. I am again to embark on another venture of staying with my grandmother whilst my grandfather heads to the capital for another eye examination and drugs to be injected into it. Given his last scare with the re-bleed behind his eye we're hoping that things will improve.

This means that after classes I'm to head over to my grandparents place to commence keeping and mentally ill woman company. I'm sympathetic to her insanity given her pitiful state, age has really taken a grip upon her. Her depression is also worsening and she feels the grim reaper creep closer to her. This does not negate the fact that she's an absolutely evil manipulative woman, but it does soften the reality slightly.

In better news, my university obligations are finally over with. Just a few more classes, and a little studying before exams but I should be picking up blogging again very soon. I have a little something special in store for Easter as well.

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Kelly said...

Hopefully, your grandmother won't get too evil with ya. I can understand why you feel somewhat sorry for her. It's the same way I feel for my own grandmother. Is there some way you can distract her with something (tv, book, ball of string, etc.) while you're there so she'll not talk quite as much to you?

I look forward to you coming back to the bloggy world again. Something special in store for Easter? Hmmm... Perhaps a milk chocolate Jesus on a white chocolate cross. That would be tasty! Bad for me, but tasty, nevertheless.