Friday, May 28, 2010

Captivation and Inspiration.

These are two concepts which tend to allude me throughout my life, there are very few things which can hold my interest. My passionate study into Paleoanthropology is one such exception. Another exception is my list of brilliant minds which, to me anyway, have set the grand bar of achievement in which I must somehow surpass.

These are great men of history, some of which are not getting the proper respect or entitlement they deserve. I idolize these people, for their achievements and obtaining the immortality within the literature which I so desperately seek. Perhaps my selfish and egotistical goals will be wasted on some, but I intend to do my very best to be recognized in the future.

It is not enough to be remembered as a good father or nice man. Such pitiful sentiments are only worth a decade, perhaps two, before they are undoubtedly lost to more pressing matters. Perhaps this is my personal obsession, but it is one which drives me in a direction which can only be beneficial to some field of interest.

Many mistake this ongoing adventure as greed, but the material wealth which can be gained from this is to me quite worthless. To solidify myself amongst my intellectual heroes is fortune enough. Such a pleasure to even conceive finishing such a feat, even if ending in failure I feel the journey to what ever result lays ahead will be enlightening.

I draw inspiration from those who have already trudged through their own journeys and are rewarded with what I interpret as the only chance at immortality which is achievable on in this reality.

Now, who are these people? Well how about my lists, that should put things in perspective. In no particular order:

Stephen Jay Gould
Nikola Tesla
Alexander Gram Bell
Charles Darwin
Gregor Johann Mendel
George Gaylord Simpson
Richard Dawkins

There are probably more which have escaped my memory. That list of people is a list of innovators, intellectual heavyweights, visionaries, inventors, scientists, humanitarians, mad men, and so much more. Each to me has solidified their place in history and will be acknowledged for their achievements beyond the mere decade or so the average person is known after their demise.

If you haven't heard of some of these figures, I suggest doing some research and be inspired by what they achieved. If possible listen to their lectures or words in print and I'm sure you'll agree that their place in history is well deserved.

I plan to in the future showcasing each of these persons, in a way which will allow you to understand them and perceive them from my point of view. I'll also include some interesting facts and a small biography... so expect these in the future.

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Kelly said...

I agree. The men you listed should be given much more consideration for their achievements. You really have your work cut out for you if you desire to have your name placed along with theirs. Especially Nikola Tesla. He will be a part of the post I was telling you about, the one I'm currently researching. It won't be entirely about him but it will concern him, or rather his particular achievements and study regarding radiant energy. I look forward to your future posts about all of these great men.