Friday, May 21, 2010

Draw Muhammad Day

Draw Muhammad Day was yesterday but has been an on going event. It is an open protest which has gone viral in recent days across YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, and the rest of the internet. I make mention that this is not to be in bad taste towards Muslims anywhere, this protest is in favor of freedom of speech across the world and censorship from entities like Comedy Central which censored a cartoon of Muhammad because of outside pressures.

Self censorship due to pressure is no more good to the world than forced censorship, it is efforts like those found throughout the internet which will make cartoons of Muhammad so viral and wide spread that cases of censorship due to pressure will diminish. They cannot threaten everyone, or all of us.

Now for my contribution:

Note: I believe mine is in fairly good taste, following the example of YouTube guru AronRa


Kelly said...

Your Muhammad has that shocked look on his face like he's just had a massive cactus shoved up his ass.

It's too bad that Comedy Central was intimidated by such threats and censored themselves (South Park). I never thought I would see a time when South Park and Comedy Central would back down like that.

If any Muslims don't like seeing their hero, Muhammad The Douche Bag, being mocked, then they shouldn't look.

xstab said...

Aw snap. Yo blog is gonna get suicide bombed.