Friday, May 21, 2010

I am Alive.

I am many things actually, and I do solemnly sorry for my blogging absence. This endeavor was supposed to be a thing of passion, and I honestly enjoy it a lot but the restraints occurring from trip have been shockingly vast. Perhaps it is because I am unable to cope with the difference in blogging environment, which I guess says a lot about me. I am doing my very best at this moment to simulate my conditions which I usually blog under home in my office, which is a combination of loud music and comfortable surroundings.

Besides being alive, I have been watching and listening on this trip. I have always found Americans to be fascinating, and I'm shocked to seem some gradual changes occurring from my other years visiting this country. There has been a number of changes actually.

Firstly, and most importantly because I say so, Jesus Fish! What happened did the oil spill kill them all? Seriously, I used to marvel at the chromed trunk lid decor, and now they are elusive. The Mega Churches are still herding in huge numbers of sheep to their pews or what ever else their holy buttocks sit upon. I hereby declare the Jesus Fish to be a threatened species, to protect this misunderstood creature I suggest stealing them and setting them free as refrigerator magnets. The reality of the matter is I think maybe some taste has developed in this country and it was collectively understood one cannot have both Jesus fish and inspirational Jesus quotes on a vehicles or the weight of the smugness would create even poorer gas mileage. Good Call.

Secondly, Paranoia is at an all time high. I get this, people hate Obama, I can understand this... what I don't understand is the need to run around screaming that the country is going to collapse. The stories I hear in Canada of people stocking up on food, water, and ammunition because THIS is the year the United States is going to crumble under Obama's socialist nazi regime are all true. I'm dumbfounded at this, and that there are so many of these individuals ready and prepared to have an all out civil war at the drop of the hat. I understand that these are people on the fringe, and not at all the average American but it is still a slightly disheartening reality that these people are a group.

It felt good to get those off of my chest. I do believe I'll update this again soon, I may even write another blog tonight to tell you all some stories about my bad luck thus far on this trip.

To all those I follow and frequently comment, I have been reading, just haven't have the means to comment every post. I assure you I'll continue to be a loyal reader/commenter when I return home and have the means and time to.

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Kelly said...

Jesus fish. Heh heh heh.

I didn't know Canadians were that afraid of the U.S. going completely bonkers and having a civil war. Man, some Americans are a little nutty when it comes to the "Obama is a socialist" crap but not everyone here is like that. I think our neighbors to the north have been badly misinformed by their own media.

Kinda funny, actually.

Man, you haven't commented on my blog for so long, I'm starting to feel unloved or something. :-)