Monday, August 2, 2010

Distorted Perceptions and Realities.

This blog is inspired by a family member who recently came to visit here, she is a robust woman who isn't exactly gargantuan but is definitely on her way to becoming so. During a nice sit outside the family began to talk and this woman told the story of when she saw the nutritionist when she wanted to lose weight. This nutritionist made her catalog ever thing she stuffed her face with for one month, and then at the start of the first month they would review and mock up a diet plan from her eating habits. So my family member did just that, apparently logged everything she ate for a month and when the time came took it back to the nutritionist.

Well she had put on weight, but amazingly the log was filled with only the best healthy food, in the proper portions. Apparently both she and the nutritionist couldn't believe it! This story was told as she shoveled down her second jumbo bag of potato chips in this sitting. I left out the huge slice of cake, and what ever else was in a 10 food square radius of her jaws.

Now, you all may think I'm being a little too hard on my dear old Aunty, but I'm not she's a absolutely poison human being. I do however respect that she is an adult and can't eat what she want, but I think her self induced ignorance to the situation (also known as complete bullshit) is absolutely insulting to everyone she tells this story too.

Those who deceive themselves or fabricate the truth in ways which distort the actual reality unfolding before them are in my opinion persons of a diseased mind. I am certain it is a mental illness which keeps them in a perpetual comfort zone so they don't have to face the harsh truth before them. Perhaps a defense mechanism designed for the emotionally unwilling mind.

Unfortunately many people do this to themselves and ignorantly shrug off the facts before them. Culturally only a select few of these individuals go noticed usually those who are susceptible to addiction, or control disorders but most of these people go completely unnoticed. However, if you peel back the layers of the matter you'll find this personality type absolutely everywhere!

They may not be the compulsive gambler or the alcoholic either... I can list dozens upon dozens but I'd rather not influence you to think like me and rather decide which people you think fit this personality type.

Just as I've written in the past that everyone lives on their own little island, well it can be said that what one experiences and sees on this island equally detrimental to their well being and that of the greater global culture. I'm under the assumption that people should regularly step outside of their perspective island shelters and experience other realities.

Something I'm very grateful for is my keen interest in others, what they believe, and how they perceive the world. It has allowed me to take an interest in my current field, and also allowed me to break free of at least some of the social fabrics which bind us from experiencing a bland cultural norm.

Some of us our free to wonder and experience the taken for granted social frameworks which suspend our living culture... while others may be doomed to live on their islands, in a country far removed from the vast diversity in individuals across the spectrum of our planet.

I guess I elaborate too much on such insignificant events...


Kelly said...

'Tis true, I'm afraid, most folks are content to live in their own little worlds.

And people will make excuses (sometimes lies or a stretch of the truth) for this or that choice or behavior.

Kudos to you for your keen interest in others and their 'islands'. I try to do the same. Observing others is something I've done since I was a kid. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law has done that to the point to where he just remains very quiet, not really involving himself in life... If you know what I mean. My sister gets after him about that. I don't see how she puts up with it. I guess it's the big money he makes. lol.

Well, that was cruel. tee hee.

byrus said...

You are young, and as most of the young people do, you think you are different, you do believe most of the people live in little worlds. How can you be sure you are a "chosen one", that means a guy you is really developing a personality? It's easy to say but not to achieve. Herman Hesse (maybe my favorite writter) said sometime talking to the young: be conscious of your own responsabilities before thinking about the world and its transformation. I don't know what am I saying, i was just hanging around...