Friday, August 13, 2010


Yep, that's where I've been but this post isn't about that. This post is a slight rant about a phenomena I can't grasp. It is mainly about the lack of will to work, or an unwillingness to exceed any expectation at work.

The company I work for is an actual great one for the area, all new employees START above minimum wage, reviews are taken monthly to see if a raise should be given, lots of hours, time off is given if requested...

For my area of the world this job is an absolute treasure, it has its draw backs like overtime is only regular pay but that isn't all that uncommon for the area and given it is a small business which is in competition with businesses which operate the same way.. you can't fault them. Got to keep prices lower than the competition.

My co-workers get paid well, and are treated great. However, they are blind to these good intentions. This company is currently under a lot of stress, a bunch of jobs came at the same time and we're just absolutely swamped. The Bosses frequently ask if my co-workers can stay an extra hour or come in on a weekend if possible but these polite requests are met with blank stares and snickering.

I've been knee deep in sawdust and sweat with my bosses these last few months, working about 72 hours a week. Not that I have to, but because I know how good they are to me and it is only fair to repay that kindness with some loyalty come crunch time. They really need me, especially since one of my co-workers suddenly quit after being confronted about causing drama in the workplace. I stepped up and took on the position left, and continued to take on my old jobs as well.

I've been rewarded because of this, but I didn't ask for it or even expect it. My bosses just happen to be very honorable and took care of me because I've been taking care of them.

My co-workers refuse to do any more than what is required of them, they actually sit and stare at the clock the last few seconds of the regular work day so they can run out the door. Believe me, they go so fast the suction pulls some of the dust out of the shop. Even worse these employees are constantly complaining about their wages, which would be given quickly and generously if they would simply help out during crunch time.

The kicker here is that the only reason we have such large contracts to get out is because my bosses are always afraid to run out of work and having to lay off their employees.

This is a flawed idea, which seems to be a fairly new one. At least culturally in the past a strong work ethic was both admired and revered as something to strive for. A hard worker despite their race, culture, etc.. was admired for their work ethic. I'm still told stories about my ancestors, and great emphasis is put on their strength and their ability to work hard.

This has been lost in my culture, at least locally anyway. Now you hear tales, and gloating about persons who go great lengths to avoid work. There are even those who abuse systems like Unemployment Insurance, which is a safety net, and make a career out of fooling the government to pay them. Not that I care about the government being taken advantage of mind you...

The ability of working hard to build yourself up has been replaced with a sense of barely scraping by and never striving for more. I know my friend at the Psycho Carnival( ) feels that people need to be happy with what they have, but sometimes it is great to strive for more. Living off the scraps of others tends to be something which shouldn't be encouraged or admired, and I feel these are the people who need to make some long term goals.

My local culture caters too much to some of these people, unfortunately usually putting a stigma on those who are in actual need of safety nets or offered security advantages. Even in a poor economy, this ideal of not working and living at the bare minimum has become a social norm.

I tend to think about all the jobless Americans at this point, their economy being hit so hard and the lack of jobs... they are literally crying out for the opportunity to work. Perhaps some of them will join us in my country and add to the lack of workforce presented here. I for one would welcome them.

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