Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Back Again.

I was on idle on there for a while wasn't I... It really wasn't my intention to yo yo so crazily back and forth from being a blogger, pretending to be a blogger, and not being here at all. My schedule was crazy. I looked over it actually and out of seventy days of working I had a total of four days off. This would be manageable if shifts on average weren't 11 hours, I had holidays off, or even the occasional weekend.

But before I start in on smacking the keyboard wildly hoping to write Shakespeare (I should really get a monkey slave for this...) I want to wish Clown Face a welcome back to the real world, may his suffering under social tensions and frameworks continue as normal.

Since my taking off (another) couple of weeks due to my life being a hectic mess of slavery. Not much has transgressed. A few notable moments were: Getting hit by a blowhard named Earl, Getting Fired, and starting to think productively on topics on which to touch on in this very blog.

With that said in the next few weeks I'll be producing some of the content which I'm really all about. I hope to enslave the minds of a few others before I decide upon making a move to my own website format where I will be unshackled from many of the censors. With this said my censors can fuck off. (Insert colon bracket here and make sure it is facing the correct direction.)

So yes, the very swirly distructo wind named Earl which tried to sink Clown Face, also had a go at me. Only at a category 2 mind you, but it was enough to irritate me... my one full weekend off without power, and cleaning up debris... not what you call a nice relaxing weekend off. I survived.

What nearly took me out was my boss, I had taken a sick day... and after working as much as I had in those seventy days you think it would be a nice gesture to give your employee the day off. Well I had been wrong in this instance, because I am Mr. reliable and suddenly I wasn't there apparently the shop blew up without me. This lead to the always lovely call in, where your boss begs you to come in even though your sick because they don't have the spine to make any of the other employees stay. So I reluctantly came in, but I told them up front that we'll be having words. So I get there, and they expect a speech... I give them the speech and the next thing I know the boss is grabbing me by the shirt and throwing me out of the building. I suppose I could have been nicer, but really? I assume I'm fired, I haven't been in since and I don't plan on it.

I'll add this rule to my other rules... so Rule Number 210: DO NOT, I meant it, work for family.

I'll close this slightly over done blog by saying that I do plan to get back to my usual social commentary, and touching on a few other topics as well. Stephen Hawking has inspired many future topics, some based on outer space, others Aliens, and more critically the survival of the human species.

So pay attention.

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Kelly said...

First off, thanks for the shout out. It's good to see ya back and blogging again.

Sorry to hear you were fired, even though you were working like a freakin' dog for your employer and the boss didn't appreciate it enough to give a single day off. I've had those type of employers in my day and they can fuck off, for sure.

You were working for family, aye? Hmmm... No good can come from that most of the time. Family members are enough of a problem without having to work with or for them. Eeegads!

Yeah, I was wondering what you meant by your 'getting hit by Earl' comment on my website. Now I know. What a way to spend the day. No power and having to clean up shit. Not literal shit but you get my drift.

Your future blog topics sound interesting. I'm into Stephen Hawking, aliens and all that- so I look forward to your postings.